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Michael Lindsay-Hogg

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Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s Sketchbook

Glenda Jackson

The fearless stage-and-screen actress reached stardom in the 70s with Women in Love, A Touch of Class, and Elizabeth R, and continued performing until the end

In the Eye of the Storm

Paul McCartney’s Pentax photos from 1964—the year that marked the band’s American tour, and the start of Beatlemania—are collected in a new book

Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s Sketchbook

Eugene Lee

The theater, film, and TV designer was with Saturday Night Live from its inception, in 1975, to this month

Derek Granger

Remembering the former Royal Navy officer who forged a singular career as a TV producer behind the Emmy-winning Brideshead Revisited and other hits

Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s Sketchbook

Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s Sketchbook

Duncan Hannah

The acclaimed artist, writer, and AIR MAIL contributor is remembered by two of his friends

A Day in the Life

As the 1970 classic Beatles film, Let It Be, gets recut by The Lord of the Rings’ Peter Jackson, its filmmaker tells how it all came to be

He Lit Up Limelight and Beat the Blacklist

Hitchcock gave him his first role. He upstaged Orson Welles. Norman Lloyd’s 106-year-long life was filled with drama

Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s Sketchbook

The Robespierre of Lafayette Street

The director who first staged The Normal Heart remembers the many-sided activist-playwright Larry Kramer

Michael Lindasy-Hogg

London After Dark

There were many drinking clubs in Soho in the 50s. But the habitu├ęs of the Colony were of a more stellar quality, with a higher degree of loucheness