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Douglas McGrath

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Monuments Men

Guess which side surrendered at Appomattox

The View from There

The View from There

Leading Lady

Olivia de Havilland’s soft power on-screen blew away even the likes of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh

The View from There

Why the G.O.P. makes a point of starting at the bottom

“I Know Those Guys”

Before he met Nora Ephron, Nick Pileggi learned everything he needed to know to write Goodfellas in Bensonhurst

The View from Here

Would you hire Donald Trump to work at your company?

The View from Here

Did the Reagan revolution create TrumpAnon?

The View from Here

The era of big government is back, and that’s a good thing

The View from Here

Trump’s legacy: invasion of the party snatchers

… And a Casting Agent of Thousands

For 60 years, Boaty Boatwright has been the force behind some of the biggest movie and stage careers

The View from Here

In the Trump era, it never takes Republicans long to come to their lack of senses

Arts Highlight: Midnight

It’s never too late for the romantic comedy that time forgot

Cheer Up!

Still finding yourself snared in despair? Slip loose with these tracks from Barbra Streisand, Charles Trenet, Lena Horne, Eydie Gormé, and more

Donald Trump, Wedding Crasher

We can only imagine how brides react to seeing him at Mar-a-Lago

A Filmmaker with a View

The View from Here

Ukraine is attacked and Trumpists swoon over Vlad the Invader. With global and U.S. democracy in peril, the G.O.P. is M.I.A.

What a Glorious Feeling!

Seventy years after Singin’ in the Rain splashed its way through theaters, it remains perhaps the greatest movie musical ever made

The View from Here

Liz Cheney for attorney general?