Here we are, vortexing toward the end of the pocket-picking, venom-spewing Hate Tornado technically known as the first term of the Trump administration. On Election Day, voters will be asked a simple question: Do you want more of this? That’s all a re-election campaign is about: Do you like what this guy’s been dishing out and want more of it, or do you think the other guy might do better?

In the dwindling days before the election, the media focuses on undecided voters. As a person who begins and ends his day with politics, and who gives as much of the middle of the day to it as possible without entering full bankruptcy, every time I hear the term “undecided voters,” I ask the same question: Who in God’s name are these people? Unless they were lucky enough to have been in a coma for the last three and half years and woke up only an hour ago, I can’t imagine what piece of evidence, either exculpatory or incriminating, they need to make a decision.