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Let’s Get Metaphysical

Staff Picks

Don’t miss the history behind the Kentucky Derby anthem; a biography of the philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville; and a dazzling look at Renaissance altarpieces

Guardian Angel

In the 19th century, Caroline Norton campaigned for mothers to have legal rights to their own children. She secured them for others—but not for herself

Where the Rare Books Are

When Marilyn Went British

In a 1956 trip to England, Marilyn Monroe sowed the seeds of divorce with Arthur Miller, battled with Laurence Olivier on set, and snagged an audience with the Queen

Meet You at Mortimer’s

A new book revisits the mid-70s heyday of Mortimer’s restaurant, which played host to everyone from Jackie O and Nancy Reagan to Liz Smith and Mick Jagger

Up in the Air

Diary of a Somebody

When Anne Frank’s father published her diaries, they inspired awe, criticism, and lawsuits. Seventy-five years later, they’re still the center of controversy

Staff Picks

Don’t miss the epic story of a search for a missing canoer; an insider’s look at Italian life; and a re-assessment of 20th-century classical music

Talking in Riddles

A collection of 95 medieval riddles has left scholars scratching their heads—and clutching their pearls

Once upon a Time in Hollywood

In the course of their brief, intense marriage, Dennis Hopper and Brooke Hayward lit the match for a cultural explosion in 1960s Los Angeles

The Bigger Apple

Getting the Picture

Herbie Fully Loaded

In an excerpt from his new book, the author remembers unleashing his father, a well-known negotiator, on a professor he hated

Practice Makos Perfect

Christopher Makos showed Andy Warhol how to use his first camera. He also cemented Warhol’s existence as the personification of the “American brand”

Touching Base

The effect of Jackie Robinson on the lives of average Americans of color is well documented. But he was instrumental for other baseball players of color, too

Old Flames

Staff Picks

Don’t miss a biography of the American painter Winslow Homer; a little-told story about Benjamin Franklin; and a memoir turned meditation on books

Murder, They Wrote

Tragic beauties dominate this month’s best mystery novels—as well as a 1946 noir classic

Ways of Escape

Shady Lady

Spires, Squires, and Liars

A contemporary of Boris Johnson’s and Dominic Cummings’s traces Brexit, and the state of politics in Britain today, back to 1980s Oxford

Breathing Fire

Gary Indiana has a new collection of essays, Fire Season. In an interview, the outspoken critic lets loose on young writers, politicians, and just about everyone else

Don’t Look Up

Coronavirus deniers are following the climate-change-denial playbook to a tee. Will the cycle ever break?