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Time Regained Publishing next month, the long-lost writings of Marcel Proust promise a window into the mind and work of the French writer

King’s Gambit The author of the definitive account of the abdication crisis of 1936 reveals new details about Edward VIII, Wallis Simpson, and a covered-up assassination attempt

February 24, 2021

London Calling Roy Mehta’s Brent photographs reveal a rarely seen side of London and its diverse communities

First Contact He’s known as the nerdy genius whose Twitter feed moves markets and bridges bizarre factions of the left and right. But Elon Musk’s greatest skill is scoring talent

Chips for the Cashing The diaries of Chips Channon, to be published next week in their first unredacted edition, take delightful aim at British high society and the royal family

Kazuo Ishiguro The quintessential British writer recommends his favorite Westerns, from Charles Portis’s True Grit to Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian

March 3, 2021

Bless This Mess Adults and kids alike will appreciate the tips and tricks for Taking the Stress Out of Homework

March 3, 2021

Comedy of Errors Everything went wrong at once for Annabelle Gurwitch. An interview with the writer and actress is a lesson in meeting hardship with humor

March 3, 2021

Working Girls Even guests of New York’s women-only Barbizon, the revolutionary residential hotel once home to Sylvia Plath, found the sexist rules of their era hard to shake

Life with Lee Lee Friedlander’s images—ranging from portraits of jazz stars to shots of the American heartland—offer insight into the mind of the great photographer

In Love with Love Megan Nolan’s novel, Acts of Desperation, casts a fresh light on a timeless theme

March 10, 2021