Black Widows by Cate Quinn

Loved Big Love? Transfixed by the Elizabeth Smart saga? Distraught when the dueling NXIVM documentaries wrapped up? Then you might want to fill the void with Black Widows, a highly entertaining mystery that takes on polygamy and cults run by creepy, grandiose, controlling, sexually voracious men—prairie-dress, poufed-bangs division.

British journalist Cate Quinn’s novel is narrated by the three sister-wives of an alternately charming and depressive survivalist named Blake Nelson. Though she’s kept it secret, first wife Rachel grew up in a horrific cult headed by the Prophet, presumably inspired by real-life monster Warren Jeffs, who claimed up to 70 wives as the head of an extremist Mormon spin-off sect. Ironically, the rehabilitated Rachel has ended up in a less authoritarian but still illegal mini-cult.