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Forever Elizabeth Photographers Douglas Kirkland, Gered Mankowitz, Norman Parkinson, Milton Greene, Terry O’Neill, and Gary Bernstein offer different looks at Hollywood’s brightest star

A Word from the Wiseguys Twenty-two years after The Sopranos premiered, a new oral history revisits the gritty mobster universe the show created

The Magic of Jan Morris Will we ever have another like the Welsh writer extraordinaire who managed to write as beautifully on Che Guevara as she did on the virtues of sneezing?

Behind the Couture Curtain A writer reveals the sketchy details of an incident Coco Chanel went to great lengths to hide

AIR MAIL’s 10 Best Books of 2021 Hustlers, hippies, artists, transcendentalists: holiday reading for every type

December 16, 2021

AIR MAIL’s Eight Best Mystery Books of 2021 Anthony Horowitz, Sarah Moss, Val McDermid, and more …

December 16, 2021

The Call of the Wild A mountaineer spent his life scaling the world’s great heights. Then he lost a friend in an avalanche, and everything—well, most everything—changed

Object Lesson A new book traces India’s history and future through 100 objects

Tough Luck Revisiting Lucky Jim, which Kingsley Amis wrote in collaboration with Philip Larkin before the friends fell out, a writer uncovers equal parts humor and spite

December 8, 2021

Crown of Thorns A new book reveals the identity of the royal whom Meghan and Harry called out in their Oprah interview. Hint: he’s next in line to the throne

Nanny Diaries A new book tells the story of Vivian Maier, the 20th-century nanny who led a secret life as a street photographer