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Tobias Grey

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Paris Snatch

Mexico, According to Graciela Iturbide

“In a way, I really see the world in black and white”: an interview with the photographer, whose shots of Mexico and its diaspora go on show at Paris’s Fondation Cartier

The Newest Trick Is the Book

Hugo Hamilton’s latest is narrated by an unusual protagonist: a novel

The Sound of Silence

Virginie Efira

The Belgian actress gives a rattling performance as a manipulative nun in Paul Verhoeven’s Benedetta

Dreaming Big

Shadowed by the Shoah

Love in the Time of Márquez

Paula Beer

The Berlin Film Festival darling who eschewed drama school for the real thing


The Real Congo

Artcurial Paris’s spring auction focuses on the artists of Congo’s Le Hangar collective, founders of contemporary African art who developed their craft away from Western influence

Remember When?

An interview with French playwright Florian Zeller, who makes his filmmaking debut with The Father, a moving story of dementia starring Anthony Hopkins

O Comrade, My Comrade!

This year’s Russian entry to the Oscars dramatizes a Soviet-era industrial-workers’ strike turned infamous massacre

Cold, Cold Heart

In Bloom

Behind The Painted Bird

The contentious Holocaust author Jerzy Kosiński turned down every offer for a film adaptation. A Czech filmmaker finally takes on the story

Local Time

The fate of Brazil’s indigenous Yanomami, chronicled for years by photographer Claudia Andujar, rests largely in the hands of the country’s rash, racist president

France’s New Victor Hugo

The country’s Oscar entry takes on class and race in the streets of Paris