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Milton Esterow

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The Telltale Art

Countless artworks stolen by the Nazis—as well as other W.W. II soldiers of all ilks—are suddenly coming out of the woodwork. Why now?

Jacobus Vrel, Enigmatic Forerunner of Vermeer

The Phantom of Jacobus Vrel

Paris sees the opening of the first-ever exhibition devoted to a mysterious 17th-century Dutch artist whose works were long attributed to Vermeer

The Art of the Steal

Within the world of art thievery, there are those who do it for the money, those who do it because it’s easy … and those who do it because they love it

The Garbo Modigliani

In Search of Lost Art

Fran├žoise Gilot Is So Over Picasso

After she left him, Picasso tried to get Fran├žoise Gilot blacklisted. Today, Gilot, who turns 100 this fall, is breaking auction records


What happens when a $65 million Rauschenberg features an endangered bald eagle? Inside the secretive I.R.S. team that solves art’s riddles …

Charles Hill

Over 45 years, the art detective helped recover stolen paintings by Titian, Vermeer, and Goya, plus Munch’s The Scream

The View from Here

A New York organization is helping Jewish families recover possessions stolen by the Nazis. Among them: paintings by Tintoretto and Klimt

The Leonardo Whisperer

Four decades spent studying Italian Renaissance art taught Carmen Bambach as much about navigating a field still dominated by men as it did about Leonardo da Vinci