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Issue No. 39

The View from Here

In 1919—with the twin horrors of the Spanish flu and World War I in America’s rearview mirror—F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote of his new home city, “New York had all the iridescence of the beginning of the world…

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Small Talk
“I think that should cover this week’s news cycle.”

Ivory Power How genetic scientists at Berkeley raced to the labs and created a high-speed test for the coronavirus

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Side Effects Cataloguing some of the less consequential repercussions of the coronavirus

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Wait, That Was True? An American veteran confirms a British W.W. II soldier’s outlandish account of being the first to liberate Paris from the Nazis

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Virtual Must-Sees

Dirty Books for Clean Hands Sales of “quarantine erotica” are booming, thanks to the coronavirus

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Flying start: the cover of Superman No. 1, published in June 1939.

Superhero Worship

The letters column in the February 1960 comic book Superman No. 135 carried the following request:

Dear Editor,

Insomuch as your office can’t supply back-numbers of your various Superman magazines, would it be possible for you to print my address so that readers who have old issues can swap or sell them to me?

To which Superman publisher DC Comics, Inc., responded:

Sorry, but old issues of used magazines are known disease-carriers, so we can’t encourage such swapping.

Looking back, this wasn’t a totally ignorant counter on the part of DC’s editors. Now Sotheby’s presents “DC Complete: The Ian Levine Collection,” a private sale comprising every issue of every DC Comics issue published from 1935 to the end of 2014. READ ON

A Couple of Ideas Partners in both life and work, designers Margherita Cardelli and Gerardo Cavaliere are bringing the best of Italian tailoring to men and women alike

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Small Talk
“On the gentleman’s left!”

The Leonardo Whisperer Four decades spent studying Italian Renaissance art taught Carmen Bambach as much about navigating a field still dominated by men as it did about Leonardo da Vinci

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A Vlog to Remember Anne Frank’s diary is retold as a YouTube video about a teenager in hiding from the Nazis

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Small Talk

Cecil Beaton’s Bright Young Things

by Robin Muir
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The Silver Swan: In Search of Doris Duke

by Sallie Bingham
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The End of October

by Lawrence Wright
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Small Talk
“When I ask you what you’re thinking about and you say ‘Nothing,’ is that ‘nothing’ as in the Infinite Void, the emptiness of Zen, the nothingness of Sartre and Lacan, ex nihilo nihil fit, or what?”

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Issue No. 39
April 11, 2020
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Issue No. 39
April 11, 2020