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Button Up


Our recipe for style success (Zoom edition): a bold lipstick, good lighting, the Touch Up My Appearance filter, and a seriously smart blazer. When it comes to that last item, you’ve got options, but our ideal is this strong-shouldered jacket from Balenciaga. Made in Italy from a gray Prince of Wales check, it gets its gravitas from peak lapels and 80s-rific padded structuring. It makes you feel absolutely ready to get down to business. And it’s a true classic that we promise you’ll be wearing for many seasons to come. ($2,490;


Tiger Queen

Like the rest of America, we’re in a Tiger King state of mind. Is Carole Baskin a style icon? No, but her look (including those waist-length locks) has permeated our subconscious, rendering this leopard-print skirt from French brand La Prestic Ouiston irresistible. Why it works: it’s silk twill (so not too shiny), the length is modest, and the monochrome color palette prevents the print’s tendency toward garishness. Bonus points for the contrasting trim and 40s-era silhouette. But whatever you do, do not pair it with a matching bicycle—a crisp white button-up or fitted tee is best. ($451,


Rue de Verneuil

We’ve been watching far too many films set in the South of France lately, and can you blame us? After an umpteenth viewing of Contempt, we’re jonesing for a new canvas bag, preferably one that looks like it once belonged to Brigitte Bardot’s character. One such tote: this beauty from Rue de Verneuil. (It’s a new brand from designer Vincent Ribat, whose name nods to a street in the Seventh Arrondissement of Paris.) Made of patchwork stripes, the design is reminiscent of a beach chair and it’s highly functional—it looks best when working hard, toting your books and groceries around town. ($162,



When is the last time you gave yourself a proper manicure? Memory fails? TenOverTen, your Air Mail style correspondent’s preferred nail salon, is temporarily closed, but its e-commerce shop remains open, and as we entered isolation, we promptly placed an order. The essentials are base coat, top coat, and two polishes (we’re partial to Bowery, a brick red, and Canal, a milky hazelnut), and restorative hand cream. All in all, we spent less than the cost of one of their Luxe Pedicures, and while the results were not quite salon-worthy, they could be much, much worse. Until we meet again, dear manicurists … ($12 for polish, $26 for the Nail Care System, consisting of top and base coats,

Issue No. 39
April 11, 2020
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Issue No. 39
April 11, 2020