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David Kamp

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And the Band Played On

Fifty years later, Robbie Robertson talks about “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”

The Waverly Inn Is Still Cooking

As the Greenwich Village restaurant celebrates its 100th anniversary, a writer recounts its storied history

The Biden Touch

He wears his heart where every Scranton native does: on his sleeve. Thank God

The View from Here

Nothing—no, nothing—shall be named for Bill de Blasio

The New, New Food Thing

The View from Here

At America’s Bicentennial, in 1976, the fireworks included an unlikely romance between Liz Taylor and a future senator

This Is Stevie Van Zandt

The View from Here

As we stand in the latest wave of Beatle reanimania, it’s time to acknowledge they’re making their way across the universe

Douglas McGrath

After an early job at S.N.L., the high-spirited playwright and filmmaker went on to write the book for Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and co-write the screenplay for Bullets over Broadway

Eat Your Heart Out

Since opening their restaurant, in 1999, the couple behind Il Posto Accanto, on East Second Street, has served up linguine and community in equal measure

The Preston Sturges Story

Addressing the Rat in the Room

It’s time the humans of New York City made a good-faith effort to understand their four-legged neighbors

Not in the Old Kansas City Anymore

My Name Is Barbra’s Index

Streisand refused to give readers any shortcuts to her 992-page memoir, so we did it for you

Bob Mack

Charming, brilliant, and contrarian in his tastes, the Spy reporter and editor of the Beastie Boys’ magazine, Grand Royal, was as lovable as he was unreliable

In the Know

Faces for Radio

In the Know, Peacock’s stop-motion send-up of the public-radio set, is modeled on the NPR boobs you know and love