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Ted Heller

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My Name Is Barbra’s Index

Streisand refused to give readers any shortcuts to her 992-page memoir, so we did it for you

When Harry Met WeSpeak

Who spoke the woke salad first? Prince Harry, WeWork’s co-grifter Rebekah Neumann, or … ?

Louisa May Alcott’s Little Cis Women

Imagine what might happen if the wokerati decide to retitle other great books, plays, and movies

Comic-Book Villain … or Severe-Acne Drug?

Do you know the difference?

Locked Out. But Perhaps LinkedIn

Imagining how Ivanka, Eric, and Stephen Miller market themselves, post–White House

The Idiot Box Meets Its Match

Trump has threatened to start a TV network if he loses the election. So what would that look like?

Her Royal Deepness

Can you tell the real Meghan Markle–isms from the fake? Test your Sussex Squad cred with this quiz!

Prescription Dubs

Can you tell your pharmaceuticals from your pop stars? Really? A quiz

The Unpublished Verse
of Donald Trump

“I think that I shall never see,
a poem lovely as a wall … ”

Mike Pence Wants a Fluffy Robe

The veep’s hotel demands (we think)