Ivanka Trump

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Entrepreneur, author, designer, expert in Chinese patent law, senior adviser to the president, co-host.

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Ivanka is a former adviser to the president with a highly specialized skill set in conversing with disbelieving, easily irritated world leaders at G20 summits. She has had numerous trademarks patented in China despite the fact that her eponymous clothing, jewelry, and footwear lines have been shut down. She created 14 million new jobs, according to a former president of the United States, and is one of the few handbag designers ever to spend time in the North-South Korean Demilitarized Zone. She loves children, caged or not.

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“It’s easy to forget that communication is not just a means of relaying information but also a way of engaging with others socially.”

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Adviser to the president of the United States.

2016 – 2019: co-director, the Donald J. Trump Foundation (dissolved, 2019).

1989 – 2019: executive vice president of development & acquisitions at a real-estate firm.

1997: co-host, Miss Teen USA pageant.

1997: cover model, Seventeen magazine.

Back in my modeling days!
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Senior advising
Endorsed by Stephen Miller and one other who is highly skilled at this.

Chinese patent law
Endorsed by Xi Jinping.

Endorsed by Chuck Woolery and one other who is highly skilled at this.

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Kellyanne Conway
Former counselor to the president
Ivanka is a highly motivated self-starter with a passion for life, for business, and for passion itself. Her skill set is second to none, her talents are without limit, and her tireless work is never done!

Stephen Miller

Political adviser, communications director, press secretary, speechwriter, social theorist.

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Stephen is an experienced, data-driven, warm, and compassionate professional, specializing in branding, communications, and socio-human relations.

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I was the main architect of the Muslim travel ban.

I worked on developing housing for recent immigrants.

I discussed “cosmopolitan bias” with CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

I just wrote a children’s book I’m shopping around called Right Here, Right Now: American Carnage 4 Kidz.

2001: published How I Changed My Left-Wing High School.

2008: worked for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

2009: communications director for Alabama senator and future temporary attorney general.

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Jeanine Pirro
Former Westchester County district attorney
Stephen Miller is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.

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The Twilight series

Bram Stoker

Alex Jones




Eric F. Trump

New York; Bedminster; Washington, D.C.; Palm Beach; Fox News Studios

Executive vice predisent of the Trump Orzanigation

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I’m responsible for acquiring stuff and also for then developing it and also for branding it, too. I make deals all over the world! I’ve even helped to redesign golf courses. (Have YOU???) I’m the president of Trump Winery … Hey, I didn’t realize that until now! LOL. I have a proved track record when to comes to doing things, with over three whole decades of being me, including being a judge on The Apprentice. I have been alternatively described as a “tough negotiator,” “a fierce go-getter,” “a take-charge, no-nonsense, roll-up-your-sleeves, get-under-the-hood” type, and a “moron” (by my own aunt, no less).

  • Experience

Son of my dad.

1984 – present: brother of Ivanka.

1984 – present: brother of Donald junior.

1984 – present: adviser to Trump presidential campaign.

2016: fundraiser for Trump presidential campaign.

2016: spokesperson for Trump presidential campaign.

  • Education

Georgetown University (WTF?) (LOL)

Mandatory Charity Fraud Training Course (Boooooring!)

  • Skills

Killing elephants

Killing leopards

Killing civets

Killing waterbucks (whatever those are! LOL)

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Triggered, by Donald Trump Jr.

Liberal Privilege, by Donald Trump Jr.

The Trump Card, by Ivanka Trump.

Women Who Work, by Ivanka Trump.

Melania and Me, by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

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