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Live from Caserta

Huntsville Picture Show

Jonathan Becker’s glamorous portraits of Gloria Vanderbilt complement her paintings in a sprawling display at Alabama’s Huntsville Museum of Art

Here and There

Hunter Barnes spent four years photographing the Native American Nez Perce tribe. A new book of his images celebrates the life of this enigmatic community

Barbara Amiel’s Not Going Away

Arlo Parks

The London-based singer-songwriter captures the agony and ecstasy of Gen Z

Basquiat’s Ballad

Georgia on His Mind

Magic Man

The American photographer Rodney Smith saw the world through black-and-white-colored glasses

Victorian London’s Last Illustrator

80 Degrees North

A dazzling Arctic archipelago home to walruses and polar bears is at the mercy of our warming planet

Art House

Following a four-year, $26-million renovation, West London’s newest arts center, Cromwell Place, is open for business

Sophie’s Choice

Sophie Ward, the model and actress whose coming-out shocked the world, has written a book

Hockney’s Normandy Invasion

The artist’s most recent work, inspired by his sojourn in the north of France, goes on show this month at Paris’s Galerie Lelong

Goldberg Inversions

And now, for the next act from Dan Tepfer, jazz pianist and most genial of polymaths: a digitally enabled rendition of J.S. Bach’s epochal Goldberg Variations

Quilting Queens (and Kings)

New exhibitions showcase the work of Black artists using cloth as their canvas. They’re honoring a legacy dating back to slavery, when quilts served as navigational signals on the Underground Railroad

Feminist of One

She wrote about spanking before Fifty Shades of Grey and profiled Soon-Yi Previn when no one else would go there. Daphne Merkin explains what’s missing from today’s strand of feminism

Cinema Paradiso

The Soul of Wit

“Table Top Shakespeare,” comprising brief adaptations of the bard’s works, launches an At Home edition

Cloud Atlas

Dana Schutz, the artist behind the Emmett Till controversy, debuts her first solo show in London, “Shadow of a Cloud Moving Slowly”

Hoodoo Economics

In Bloom


The BBC scraps the “Rule, Britannia!” lyrics from a beloved music program for fear of re-awakening the woke, then reverses its reverse

Good Wood

This fall, artists take inspiration from the nature around them

Your Bird Can Play