The Goldberg Variations? Again? What is there to add? Setting aside treatments that have stood the test of time (the Glenn Gould recordings and the Jerome Robbins ballet, to cite just two), who can keep up with the latest barrage? Even now, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker is touring her one-women dance marathon in Europe, as Parker Ramsay’s newly released harp arrangement vies for attention with Lang Lang’s Sony Classical blockbuster twin-pack of live and studio performances.

Born to Americans in Paris, now based in Brooklyn, Dan Tepfer himself has earned a niche of distinction in the Goldberg pantheon for his cult classic Goldberg Variations/Variations (2011), which takes each and every one of the 30 variations notated in Bach’s score as the springboard for a fresh improvisation whipped up on the spot. Only the pandemic has interrupted a steady stream of bookings all over the map.