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Linda Wells

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Eye of the Beholder

What does it take to reimagine one of the most treasured fragrances of all time? The new Dior perfumer tackles the J’adore mystique head-on. Our beauty-and-wellness guru sniffs around

What’s the Skinny?

Skin slugging, skin cycling, micro-needling, gua sha–ing … skin advice is invading all corners of social media, and one doctor is out to bust some myths

Sunny Delight


Magic Wand


Fresh Start

September is the month of new beginnings, the adult version of back-to-school, with its crisp productivity and check-the-boxes accomplishments. But instead of pencils and erasers, we’re sourcing liners and concealers; instead of lunch boxes, we’re eyeing a new tote. It’s time to double down on skin care, polish those loafers, and hit Refresh

All the Rage!

On the East End of Long Island, pricey exercise classes aren’t providing any stress relief. Quite the opposite, in fact

Eye of the Beholder

Longer, thicker, lusher—when it comes to hair these days, the overriding impulse is “more.” Why are women of all ages and persuasions going full-on Rapunzel? Our beauty-and-wellness columnist investigates

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Creams

The ingredients are mysterious. The benefits can be elusive. But the newest skin-care products are determined to prove their worth

Endless Summer

Jump into the pool, swim in the ocean, and squeeze out every ounce of summer with the help of these sunny indulgences

Ice, Ice, Baby


Lighter Fluid


Eye of the Beholder

In 1991, Bobbi Brown founded one of the most successful cosmetics businesses in history. Now, at age 66, she just might do it again, with her line, Jones Road

Eye of the Beholder

Hotels are so rich with scent memories that, sometimes, a spritz is enough to really take you places. Isn’t it about time you tried puttin’ on the Ritz, too?

Dry Cleaner


Smells Like Teen Spirit …


The Secret Lives of Tanorexics

One drop of rain and they’re off to the sun. What drives these bronze obsessives? And why won’t they ever learn?

Carry On

Sail through T.S.A. with these travel-friendly beauty and wellness products. Some are essential and some, pure indulgence. Go ahead, you’re on vacation

Are You Lying Down?


Total Flake


Eye of the Beholder

Baby got back? There’s yet another area of the body that requires your attention, and professional intervention. Meet the entrepreneurs and surgeons who are focusing exclusively on improving your posterior

Take a Trip


Strait to the Point


That’s Hot!


Do You Believe in Miracles?

There’s a new skin-care technology in town, and it may change how we treat wounds, heart attacks, and even cancer