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David Downton

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The Cat’s Meow

As Julie Newmar turns 90, a look back at the siren of stage and screen

Queen of the Scene

From working with Irving Penn and Richard Avedon in the 1960s to being directed by Luchino Visconti and Stanley Kubrick in the 1970s, Marisa Berenson has an elegance and charm that have never run out

Toujours Couture

In Paris, as protesters took to the streets, designers stormed the runways

David Downton’s Sketchbook

David Downton’s Sketchbook

A World All Its Own

In Paris, the rarefied universe of haute couture brings out the very best

Gina Lollobrigida

The Pleasure Is All Hers

As a designer, author, and curator, Betony Vernon elevates the fine art of seduction

We’ll Always Have Venice

After all these years, the Gritti Palace still exerts its pull over the beau monde. But why?

David Downton’s Sketchbook

From Golden Spoons to Golden Statues

Contessa Marina Cicogna’s storybook life is as vibrant as those in the films she produced

Romy Schneider, Reclaimed and Reframed

How “Germany’s best-known virgin” grew into an actress of skill and intensity

The Next Emperor

In a show of strength, Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli brought its couture collection back to Rome

The Last Empress

How has Denise Hale managed to maintain her grip over San Francisco society?

David Downton’s Sketchbook

David Downton’s Sketchbook

David Downton’s Sketchbook

David Downton’s Sketchbook

When David Met Carmen

An alluring new book explores the relationship between two fashion luminaries

All That, and More

A celebration of Leslie Caron, just in time for her 90th birthday

David Downton’s Sketchbook

So Very Valentino

Flower Power

Drag diva, fashion model, and budding beauty impresario Violet Chachki specializes in her own brand of feminine mystique

Gods Among Men

At Hermès, designer Véronique Nichanian elevates classic men’s wear into the stuff of legend