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Poetry for the People

Paul Feig Knows a Good Martini

The filmmaker behind Freaks and Geeks and Bridesmaids has re-invented himself as a cocktail connoisseur with a viral pandemic-drink-tutorial series, his own brand of gin, and, now, a book

Club Culture

A Bigger Splash

More than 300 images, from paintings to oceanographic maps, collected in a new coffee-table book, provide a multifaceted look at oceans and the marine world

Not His Brother’s Keeper

In his long-awaited memoir, Spare, Prince Harry is reportedly so tough on Prince William that royal experts wonder if the brothers can ever make amends

Ghost Writing

In an excerpt from her posthumously published book, Hilary Mantel reveals how she channelled Thomas Cromwell to write her “Wolf Hall” trilogy

The Way They Were

The Big Unfriendly Giant

Paradise Found

Eight questions with Pico Iyer, whose new book takes readers around the world in search of paradise and its competing ideas

The Phantom of the Royal Opera

There’s a reason J.R. Moehringer, who has ghosted memoirs for Andre Agassi and Phil Knight, was paid seven figures for the Prince Harry job

Empire State of Mind

Not Your Average Joe

People Who Don’t Need People

A growing number of transhumanists and radical environmentalists believe our days as a species are numbered. And they feel fine

Another American Psycho

Notes from Underground

James Fox, ghostwriter to Keith Richards and David Bailey, reveals the tricks of his trade—and why J. R. Moehringer shouldn’t be blamed for Harry’s memoir

The Plot Thickens

A “Russian Proust”?

The Postmodernist and the Drowning Man

For Janet Malcolm, there was no ultimate truth—only endless interpretation. Except when her own credibility was on the line

Murder, They Wrote

This month, mystery books ranging from the combustible to the slow burn offer something for every type

When a Doctor Becomes a Patient

Fine Tuning

In an interview, the music producer Rick Rubin describes the thrill of his first No. 1 album and working with everyone from Jay-Z to Adele

Harry’s Own King’s Speech

Read by Prince Harry, the audiobook version of Spare includes Ali G impressions and off-key renditions of Elton John

America First

Growing Up Gilman