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Shaggy Boris Story

A prime minister without a portfolio, pen, or a prepared speech

Class Clown

How Boris Johnson uses education and privilege to taunt the toffs and play to the yobs

Swamp Creature

Forgotten but not gone, Scott Pruitt, the disgraced former E.P.A. chief, is still shilling for coal

Have Gall, Will Travel

Tom Price tries to raid his former congressional campaign’s coffers

Seeing Red

A new far-right party is using bullfighting to stir the blood of voters

The Nature Hater

Former Interior secretary Ryan Zinke is dancing with the energy lobbyists

Bibi’s Bête Noire

Avigdor Lieberman makes Netanyahu and Trump seem like milquetoasts. He could upend the Israeli elections

Hix Pix Fox Flix

Ex–Trump whisperer Hope Hicks spins the Hollywood liberal establishment

The Godfather of Brexit

Ex–prime minister David Cameron explains how he got it all wrong

Exposing Bush’s Lies about C.I.A. Torture

Daniel Jones—played by Adam Driver in The Report—is still haunted by what he learned

National Capitalism

A picturesque German town with local growth industries: hospitality, concerts, and neo-Nazi tat. It also might be a key to the future of the country

Inside the C.I.A.’s Tortured Logic

Why did the agency give two idiots $80 million in taxpayer money for illegal torture ideas? The writer and director of The Report shares his unredacted thoughts

Dave Eggers Takes On Donald Trump

A conversation about his new book—and what Obama gets right about our current culture

Far-Left = Left Out

The collapse of Labour is a stark reminder of what will go wrong when a party (that’s you, Democrats) puts ideological purity above people and pragmatism

Supreme Indifference

What the Supreme Court’s decision about the Wisconsin primary means for this year’s election

“Light My Fire, Why Don’t You?”

A trip to Beijing early in Nancy Pelosi’s career illustrates the spirit that has become her trademark

Red Summer

A century ago, another U.S. president and his top cop turned a blind eye to violence against black Americans

Multi-Player Movement

How the bobbleheaded critters of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing became enemies of the Chinese state

Will Some Twentysomethings Take Down Trump?

Two roommates sue the president for violating their constitutional rights—simply so he could pose with a Bible

Putin’s Fox News

How RT America’s blend of entertainment and disinformation is warping our politics

The View from There

What if Trump had been president during the AIDS crisis?

Sunak the Magnificent

Is the Tory party’s newest rising star, the son of South Asian small-business owners, destined to become the conservative Tony Blair?

Invisible Woman

Daisy Bates was one of the civil-rights era’s most formidable forces. Why is her story not better known?

Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers

The star athlete and pageant winner who is shaking up politics in Anguilla