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Hix Pix Fox Flix

Ex–Trump whisperer Hope Hicks spins the Hollywood liberal establishment

The Godfather of Brexit

Ex–prime minister David Cameron explains how he got it all wrong

Bibi’s Bête Noire

Avigdor Lieberman makes Netanyahu and Trump seem like milquetoasts. He could upend the Israeli elections

Seeing Red

A new far-right party is using bullfighting to stir the blood of voters

The Nature Hater

Former Interior secretary Ryan Zinke is dancing with the energy lobbyists

Have Gall, Will Travel

Tom Price tries to raid his former congressional campaign’s coffers

Swamp Creature

Forgotten but not gone, Scott Pruitt, the disgraced former E.P.A. chief, is still shilling for coal

Class Clown

How Boris Johnson uses education and privilege to taunt the toffs and play to the yobs

Shaggy Boris Story

A prime minister without a portfolio, pen, or a prepared speech