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The Great Outdoors Turn off your mindfulness apps and enjoy the serenity of the natural world, says Sir David Attenborough

The Japanese Art of Midway The West generally knows two ways of dealing with nature: cutting it down or leaving it untouched. In Japan, there’s a middle ground

Earth to Mom Cazzie David interviews her mother, the environmentalist Laurie David, on what we can do in our day-to-day lives to protect the planet

Roiling in the Deep The deep sea has so far managed to evade human intervention. Now mining companies are threatening Earth’s last frontier

A Bug’s Life In the fight to save the planet, the extraordinary lives of insects are going overlooked

The Hamptons’ Secret Shame Why do some of the most expensive homes in the country surround one of its most polluted lakes?

Where the Wild Things Are A women-led photography initiative aims to raise $1 million to support the protection of endangered habitats

War of the Rosewood How a Chinese status symbol became an environmental emergency

The Social Network A new book takes readers inside the dynamic social lives of animals, from army ants to orcas to chimpanzees