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The Last Place on Earth You Can Escape the Pandemic

Antarctica is the only virus-free continent. But will that last?

Plastic-Eating “Super-Enzyme” Spawned in Lab!

Will nature be able to clean up our mess?

A Whale of a Good-Bye

Scientists have deciphered the songs blue whales sing to each other before they migrate

Rolls-Royce Pulls a Dylan

With a modified Phantom V, the storied automobile goes electric

A Vine Way to Improve Your Home

It’s the right kind of greenhouse effect

Parks and Wreck

As cries for help from U.S. national parks fall on the deaf ears of an administration set on environmental rollbacks, a new book emphasizes their beauty

This Place Is a Real Dive

Jacques Cousteau’s grandson plans a deep-ocean equivalent of the International Space Station

Meet the World’s Most Photographed Polar Bear

It seems Misha is always available for nature paparazzi

Stung by Their Beauty

Bees are earth’s keystone species. If they perish, we perish. So, what happens when you add 250,000 bees to your farm? Well, things start buzzing …

The Lion Queens

An elite group of female rangers take on wildlife poachers in Kenya

A Clean (and Green) Slate

How the travel industry is using the lockdown to build sustainable, eco-friendly businesses

Bees Do It. Very, Very Well

New research reveals they know a little trick to make a garden buzz with delight

Up in Smoke

The secret ingredient to some of the world’s record-breaking climbs? A pack of cigarettes

The Lonely Traveler

The tragic saga of an almost mythical figure from the Canadian wilderness

Father Nature

Sir David Attenborough’s new film shows humanity’s impact on Earth—and what we must do to save it

Animal Instinct

Elephants travel to “wakes” to mourn their dead even if they lacked a close bond, a study has found

Jeff Bezos Goes Green (Like Money)

Is his $10 billion pledge to combat the climate emergency a good thing—or part of his plan to control the world?


Botswana takes a radical step to save its herd from poachers

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

The best landscape photographers can cast their lens on what has existed for centuries and convey something totally new. Here, images from around the world highlight the work of the 2019 International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition participants

Your Bamboo Toothbrush, Madame

The Opéra Liège is the first hotel in France to eliminate single-use plastic

Paradise Tossed

Hawaii’s “plastic beach” is a sobering showcase of how we’ve trashed Earth

All the Leaves Are Burned, and the Sky Is Gray

With Australia ablaze, our writer recounts her escape from L.A.’s fires—and wonders what’s next

A World of Hurt

Young people are increasingly seeking help for anxiety over the climate crisis

Up in Flames

Are Australia’s fires evidence we’ve crossed a tipping point?