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Good News for Kids! A seven-year-old aspiring pilot logs some flight hours; a watermelon is transformed into a cute bear; and a 13-year-old actor discusses overcoming his fears

April 29, 2021

Good News for Kids! A five-year-old poet lands a book deal; a squirrel and his acorn are re-created with icing on a cupcake; and Greta Thunberg sums up the climate crisis with a single emoji

April 22, 2021

Good News for Kids! The kitchen from Britain’s beloved children’s book The Tiger Who Came to Tea will open to visitors; an octopus sports bright-blue spots; and an old plane gets converted into a shiny red limousine

April 15, 2021

Good News for Kids! A young Brit sleeps in a tent to raise money for charity; a mother zebra raises her foal; and a study finds children protested against slavery well before their parents did

April 8, 2021

Good News for Kids! A blues-loving Oxfordshire teen’s unlikely path to guitar stardom; a cow gets some color; and the story of Wally, a young Arctic walrus who is the talk of Wales

April 1, 2021

Good News for Kids! A young Italian girl attends Zoom school at high altitude; an Irish Guards drummer bonds with his mascot; and a book for young readers evokes the joys of childhood

March 25, 2021

Good News for Kids! A teenage circus performer secures a spot at Oxford; a butterfly on snack break; and a mermaid-dog drawing by a little boy from St. Petersburg is selected by Ikea to become its next plush toy

March 18, 2021

Good News for Kids! An eight-year-old delivers five-minute history tutorials, in costume; a poodle plays the Lion King; and cuttlefish reveal a knack for self-control

March 11, 2021

Good News for Kids! A teenage Ping-Pong prodigy spreads climate-change awareness; a kangaroo gets some air; and a new study supports the aloof reputation earned by house cats

March 4, 2021

Good News for Kids! A hand-embroidered picture book teaches empathy and courage; a giraffe snags a snack; and a good-natured springer spaniel spreads love during lockdown

February 25, 2021

Good News for Kids! A 16-year-old stowaway makes it from Kenya to Holland, with stops along the way; flamingos show off their feathers; and a man creates Britain’s biggest model railway

February 18, 2021

Good News for Kids! Central Park’s mandarin duck gets a book by Bette Midler, with photos by Michiko Kakutani; a young Mongolian boy tends to his baby reindeer; and rhinos are airlifted to safety—upside down

February 11, 2021

Good News for Kids! A four-year-old scores an I.Q. in the first percentile; a woodpecker spots a treat; and a movie animator creates mini, ultra-accurate replicas of customers’ homes

February 4, 2021

Good News for Kids! A little white dog stands sentinel outside the hospital where her owner is treated; bears take a hibernation break; and new data suggests whales are helping to fight climate change

January 28, 2021

Good News for Kids! An 11-year-old invents a backpack that reminds you which books to pack; horses cuddle for warmth; and a racing pigeon’s unlikely journey from the U.S. to Australia

January 22, 2021

Good News for Kids! Teenagers join together to fight air pollution in London; an orca takes a breather; and a German hen faithfully delivers eggs to a local villager

January 14, 2021

Good News for Kids! A horse beats the speed of Germany’s broadband Internet with time to spare; lambs keep warm in winter sweaters; and a young Brit writes her first novel at just nine years old

January 7, 2021

Good News for Kids! Peek inside J. R. R. Tolkien’s Christmas letters to his children, signed by Santa, elves, or a polar bear; and sample a sweet holiday mystery from Amy Ephron

December 17, 2020

Good News for Kids! Children adapt their games for a coronavirus world; Pecorino the dog savors his morning cappuccino; and the story of a Jewish boy’s escape from the Holocaust

December 10, 2020

Good News for Kids! A friendly black Lab becomes Scotland Yard’s first well-being dog; an elephant seal takes a breather; and the mysterious “Zen stones” of Siberia’s Lake Baikal reappear

December 3, 2020

Good News for Kids! Invented by a teenage Brit out of wood scraps, Jenga is inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame; a squirrel goes on a test drive; and a young jigsaw star shares his best tips

November 19, 2020

Good News for Kids! A six-year-old member of the French Resistance, killed during W.W. II, is honored for his service; a sprightly pair of mandarin ducks; and a British Rubik’s Cube master wins the World Cup

November 12, 2020

Good News for Kids! A 10-year-old owner of rare-breed British pigs practices sustainable farming; an Indian elephant gets her hair done; and a new study finds that cuddling goes back millions of years

November 4, 2020

Good News for Kids! Singing for his grandmother on YouTube, an 11-year-old snags a record deal; piglets celebrate Halloween; and an ancient coral reef is discovered off the coast of Australia

October 29, 2020