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Good News for Kids! Afghan women start a secret school for girls; a trio of dogs gets rescued from a volcanic eruption; and researchers push for more dangerous playgrounds

October 28, 2021

Good News for Kids! René Goscinny’s daughter finds an unfinished Asterix manuscript; teenagers challenge world leaders to take action on climate change; and a diver discovers a medieval sword

October 21, 2021

Good News for Kids! Researchers home in on honeybees’ “waggle dances”; identical twins pirouette their way into ballet school; and a study locates the world’s smartest dogs

October 14, 2021

Good News for Kids! Paleontologists get creative naming two new dinosaur skeletons; British paramedics fly wearing jet suits; and a 91-year-old opens a porcelain palace in China

October 7, 2021

Good News for Kids! A British teenager invents an app for people who are hard of hearing; scientists predict birdsong; and children break a stamp-competition record

September 30, 2021

Good News for Kids! An Indian teenager invents a solar-powered street cart; a retired teacher’s dream of playing soccer comes true; and giraffes exhibit a trait that’s in short supply these days: civility

September 23, 2021

Good News for Kids! Grumpy cats find a life’s purpose; ducks imitate human speech (not the good words!); and cows get potty trained in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases

September 16, 2021

Good News for Kids! Gender-bending hummingbirds practice self-defense; a girl finds a long-lost wedding ring; and a Jack Russell recovers from the coronavirus

September 9, 2021

Good News for Kids! Giraffes steal a kiss in Namibia; white-tailed-eagle chicks are returned to their homeland; researchers trace the history of a lone woolly mammoth; and Italy’s rising track star overcomes life’s hurdles

August 26, 2021

Good News for Kids! A herd of Asian elephants returns home after a 17-month tour of China; a study reveals the influence of our male-centric society; and rescue dogs forge new paths in the U.K. and Italy

August 19, 2021

Good News for Kids! The historic puppet show Punch and Judy hits a rough patch; a young designer fashions the flags for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee; and a Paleolithic-era lion cub is discovered

August 12, 2021

Good News for Kids! A four-year-old girl discovers an immaculate dinosaur fossil; a Matchbox toy truck sells for $8,000; and a new app analyzes the mood of pet cats

August 5, 2021

Good News for Kids! A British couple discovers a Jurassic-era fossil trove; the gender of a famous pigeon is revealed; and a seven-foot-tall basketball star is still not done growing

July 29, 2021

Good News for Kids! A 12-year-old chess prodigy aims high; an 18-year-old aviator is the youngest person to fly around the world solo; and studies show pet goldfish are best kept at home

July 22, 2021

Good News for Kids! TikTok’s next big thing; a 14-year-old’s mission to be the youngest person to sail around the isle of Britain, solo; an impala’s unlikely pals; and an ailing dog’s final adventure

July 15, 2021

Good News for Kids! A Bosnian artist makes intricate miniature sculptures out of graphite pencils, a peacock struts his stuff, and a deaf sheepdog learns sign language

June 24, 2021

Good News for Kids! Russia enlists a snowy owl to help fight its crow problem; a father dog looks after his tiny pup; and a Brit builds a career out of his love for Legos

June 17, 2021

Good News for Kids! The inspiring story of an underdog racehorse; a harbor seal plays coy; and a mother-and-daughter duo writes children’s books representative of all cultures

June 10, 2021

Good News for Kids! The story of Eric Carle, the man behind The Very Hungry Caterpillar; polar-bear cubs snuggle their mother; and plastic pollution threatens the Galápagos

June 3, 2021

Good News for Kids! A school in one of London’s most dangerous neighborhoods not only helps kids but also their families; a koala gets some shut-eye; and a study reveals jealousy in dogs

May 27, 2021

Good News for Kids! A forgotten 16th-century astronomer gets his due; a Great Dane takes a spin on a motorcycle; and a wildlife reserve introduces a polygraph test to make sure its rangers are protecting its rhinos

May 20, 2021

Good News for Kids! An Australian cattle dog learns to talk; a mother swan tends to her cygnet; and women break into the male-dominated industry of Hollywood stunt doubles

May 13, 2021

Good News for Kids! A young cancer survivor’s grit and optimism inspires a Cannes-nominated short film; a pair of bulls gets the mud treatment; and a Nepalese immigrant to England makes her childhood dream come true

May 6, 2021

Good News for Kids! A seven-year-old aspiring pilot logs some flight hours; a watermelon is transformed into a cute bear; and a 13-year-old actor discusses overcoming his fears

April 29, 2021