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Good News for Kids! Children adapt their games for a coronavirus world; Pecorino the dog savors his morning cappuccino; and the story of a Jewish boy’s escape from the Holocaust

December 10, 2020

Good News for Kids! A friendly black Lab becomes Scotland Yard’s first well-being dog; an elephant seal takes a breather; and the mysterious “Zen stones” of Siberia’s Lake Baikal reappear

December 3, 2020

Good News for Kids! Invented by a teenage Brit out of wood scraps, Jenga is inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame; a squirrel goes on a test drive; and a young jigsaw star shares his best tips

November 19, 2020

Good News for Kids! A six-year-old member of the French Resistance, killed during W.W. II, is honored for his service; a sprightly pair of mandarin ducks; and a British Rubik’s Cube master wins the World Cup

November 12, 2020

Good News for Kids! A 10-year-old owner of rare-breed British pigs practices sustainable farming; an Indian elephant gets her hair done; and a new study finds that cuddling goes back millions of years

November 4, 2020

Good News for Kids! Singing for his grandmother on YouTube, an 11-year-old snags a record deal; piglets celebrate Halloween; and an ancient coral reef is discovered off the coast of Australia

October 29, 2020

Good News for Kids! A young British Cub Scout raises money for his old friend in hospice; a rainbow-colored parrot is the talk of the tree; and a humble tea bag is the unlikely savior of an International Space Station leak

October 22, 2020

Good News for Kids! A 10-year-old hikes from Sicily to Oxfordshire to visit his grandmother; a squirrel and a woodpecker go at it; and a group of Tasmanian devils are repatriated to the Australian mainland

October 15, 2020

Good News for Kids! A young British ornithologist lands a book deal; pandas at play; and at six-feet, 10-inches tall, an American girl sets the world record for longest legs

October 8, 2020

Good News for Kids! A young man with a vision problem pursues his mountain-biking dreams; a master gardener at work; and a Tintin-comic cover goes up for auction

October 1, 2020

Good News for Kids! Young actresses bring unfiltered British girlhood to the screen; a baby goes waterskiing; and a Cape Town octopus forges an unlikely friendship

September 24, 2020

Good News for Kids! The youngest person to ever climb Kilimanjaro, a seven-year-old sets a new Alpine record; giraffes do the wacky face; and a pony club’s most junior member is just two

September 16, 2020

Good News for Kids! Scottish siblings hike the Himalayas during lockdown; a puffin duo gets up close and personal; and guests at a B&B can bunk with a Shetland pony

September 10, 2020

Good News for Kids! Siblings discover historic postcards after a decade at sea; colorful carp fish go swimming; and a new bar-code technology helps keep track of endangered species

September 3, 2020

Good News for Kids! The U.K.’s first female Muslim referee has high hopes; a leopard and a kangaroo find common ground; and a young boy uncovers a W.W. I grenade while fishing

August 27, 2020

Good News for Kids! An 11-year-old ballet dancer makes waves in his native Lagos; a Martha’s Vineyard seagull mans a lookout; and a turtle couple tries to keep the love alive during lockdown

August 20, 2020

Good News for Kids! Spain’s 14-year-old princess means business; a chipmunk takes five; and an English 10-year-old’s in-class doodles land him a book deal

August 12, 2020

Good News for Kids! A teen makes her movie debut despite a crippling medical condition; cats gone fishing; and Roger Federer makes a surprise visit

August 6, 2020

Good News for Kids! Twenty-four-year-old Panashe Muzambe is the first Black woman to play Rugby for Scotland; baby ponies hug it out; and a German pig turned Instagram star

July 30, 2020

Good News for Kids! An 11-year-old breaks an Alpine record; a zebra orphan finds a home; and the on-screen debut of our generation’s youngest stars

July 23, 2020

Good News for Kids! A little girl from ancient Rome leaves clues of her past; a sneaky squirrel digs for nuts; and book recs from Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

June 25, 2020

Good News for Kids! A children’s comic-book store experiments with A.I., a cuteness overload, and a short story about Pat the rabbit

June 18, 2020

Good News for Kids! A pet parrot foils a burglary, a cat and dog ride bareback, and a child refugee aims to become the world’s youngest chess grandmaster

June 11, 2020

Good News for Kids! A four-year-old writes poetry, alpacas get their summer haircut, and a nine-year-old with cerebral palsy completes a marathon

June 4, 2020