The young Cormac Thompson impressed both his grandmother and music executives with his sweet tunes.

After the camera on his grandmother’s iPad stopped working, Cormac Thompson knew communication with her would be a struggle during lockdown. The 11-year-old schoolboy, living with his parents in Darwen, Lancashire, and his maternal grandparents, based in Northern Ireland, knew that it would be a while before they could see each other again. His mother then came up with the idea of filming a video featuring Cormac, a keen singer, performing one of “Nannie’s” favorite songs on YouTube instead.

As well as delighting his grandmother, the moving performance of “Danny Boy” was also spotted by representatives at Decca, the record label that went on to sign him up. Cormac’s first album, Hear My Voice, will be released in December. “If you think of rabbits in headlights, that’s a reasonable way of thinking of us at the moment,” Alison, Cormac’s mother, said. “But in a happy way, we’re happy rabbits. We didn’t know how it was going to pan out, we didn’t have a clue how people would receive it.”

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