The young Jacob Newson is rarely without his pre–Royal Air Force uniform.

Some kids—like maybe you?—are obsessed with video games or superheroes or TikTok. Jacob Newson, a seven-year-old English boy, is obsessed with airplanes. And he already knows what he wants to be when he grows up: a pilot in the Royal Air Force. He even has a kid-size uniform.

But while he bides his time until he’s old enough to wear the real thing, Jacob has found an earthbound way to support the service he loves: taking very long walks to raise money for the R.A.F. Benevolent Fund, which helps veterans and their families in need. Jacob’s efforts have earned him headlines in the British press and gratitude from airmen and airwomen. He’s been invited to tour bases and meet celebrated pilots, including members of the R.A.F.’s Red Arrows, an aerobatic-demonstration squadron similar to the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels. He also got to fly a plane—for only a few seconds, but still, how many seven-year-olds can say that?