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Josh Karp

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A Man Out of Time

How Robert Altman and a down-on-his-luck Elliott Gould re-invented the detective movie

The Long Goodbye

Terminal Hilarity

How three guys from the Milwaukee suburbs re-invented American comedy

A Cavalcade of Depravity

Shakespearean actors, Penthouse Pets, 3,000 Roman costumes, 450 gallons of fake blood, and Gore Vidal. Was Caligula the most ambitious porno ever made—or the raunchiest historical epic?

Just Another Revolution

A director and producer at the vanguard of New Hollywood, Bob Rafelson infused his films with real life—and his life with high adventure

Ink Different

Recalling an era where Richard Avedon and Bill Cunningham shot for underground independents, Chicago’s Art Institute goes inside the world of alternative magazines spanning the 70s to the 90s

Charge of the Minutemen

Before The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight, there was Armando Iannucci and Chris Morris’s “brain-changing” news-radio satire, On the Hour