Oh, what might have been. In January 2019—a full year before Megxit, interestingly—the Sussexes met with executives from Quibi (then a streaming platform, now history) at Kensington Palace to discuss potential projects, according to The Mail on Sunday. At the meeting, Quibi’s founder, Jeffrey Katzenberg, is said to have suggested a show the duchess might host: “Jeffrey thought that puppies and princesses both sold well so if you put them together you’d have something incredibly commercial,” according to a source. (Katzenberg didn’t respond to the Mail’s requests for comment.) Meghan was said to be somewhat aghast at the princess-and-pooches idea. But if you’ve ever wondered what kind of mold-breaking creative thinking turns you into a media mogul with a net worth of $900 million, now you know.

Patrizia Reggiani

The clink isn’t necessarily the wisest place to make new friends. Patrizia Reggiani, whose life is being turned into a movie starring Lady Gaga and a vertically challenged—according to at least one Gucci family member—Al Pacino (see last week’s Diary), might have been scammed to the tune of some $4 million by her former cellmate and others. Police are investigating whether Reggiani, who served 18 years for having hired someone to murder her husband, Maurizio Gucci, because he “irritated” her, made another possibly ill-advised hire when she took on Loredana Cano as her personal assistant after the two were released from prison. The Timesof London reported that, according to the lawyer representing Reggiani’s daughters, “Reggiani had nothing when she left jail and suddenly ran into millions when her mother died in 2019,” and that “Cano and her associates ‘formed a protective circle around’ Reggiani, stopping her from ‘having contact with the outside world.’”