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Elena Clavarino

Elena Clavarino is an Associate Editor for AIR MAIL. Born in Milan, Clavarino lives in New York, where she writes about culture, travel, fashion, and food.

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The Draper Touch

The 20th-century decorator Dorothy Draper transformed the interiors of Manhattan’s Carlyle hotel, West Virginia’s Greenbrier, and more with her signature Hollywood Regency style

A History of Cool

Slick Rick, Public Enemy, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J … Janette Beckman photographed them all, chronicling New York’s creative set from the 80s to today

Out of This World

Ghana’s buzziest young artist talks finding inspiration for his supernatural paintings

Making Banksy

A new book compiles graffiti by the elusive street artist, from the 1990s to today

A Pizza Their Hearts

In Italy, a flashy businessman selling exorbitantly priced pizzas is sparking a passionate nationwide debate

Portrait Mode

Iké Udé’s carefully staged portraits set contemporary subjects in a world inspired by the drama of Dutch old masters

Charlie Siem

The violin virtuoso and Dior model making classical music cool

La Vie en Azur

A new book celebrates the sun-soaked and star-studded legacy of the French Riviera

The Dior Allure

A new book tells the history of the couture house through its storied Paris headquarters

Ibiza Tries a New Drug

Following years of hard partying, the Spanish island is not only going back to its bohemian roots—it’s taking them a step further

Never a Dull Moment

The French photographer Nicolas Rachline’s portraits evoke a colorful life on the move

Mariuka Corsini

The 27-year-old has become a Gen Z favorite with her 90s-inspired designs made of vintage garments

Better by Design

Two thousand exhibitors set up shop for Salone del Mobile, Milan’s furniture fair to the stars

Catch Them if You Can

With the news media and social media taking the “hot” out of hot spots, the new New York City nightlife has evolved to be constantly on the move

Practice Makos Perfect

Christopher Makos showed Andy Warhol how to use his first camera. He also cemented Warhol’s existence as the personification of the “American brand”

Child’s Play

Nicolas Party’s techno-colored art is on view in Canada. In an interview, the artist discusses fairy tales, nature, and the power of pastel

East Meets West in Venice

Running Out the Clock

In Russia, not much has changed since the invasion of Ukraine. But as the war drags on, there’s a sense of fiddling while the world burns

India Ennenga and Sebastian Clark

The duo sending pocket-size books—collaborations with artists and writers—to people around the world

Nicolas Lefebvre

The mysterious Frenchman making art out of his collector’s items—and keeping mum on his relationship with Monica Bellucci

The 96-Year Itch

At 96, Marilyn Stafford, the masterful yet little-known photographer who shot everyone from Albert Einstein to Sharon Tate and everything from political unrest to war, gets her due

Plane Wreck

Canceled flights, shabby planes, burst tires … the reincarnated Eastern Airlines doesn’t live up to its past glory days—or even basic standards

Talking Eurotrash

The hard-partying moneyed set, with New York roots dating back to Studio 54, traded the city for their old jet-set life in the spring of 2020. Will they come back?

Alexandre Assouline

He grew up watching his parents turn a fledgling publishing company into a coffee-table-book sensation. Now he’s helping to run it