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Brennan Kilbane

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The Big Shrink

Is the era of overfilled hot-dog-bun lips reaching its peak? Stop your pouting!

Tight Ends

The B.B.L.’s popularity grows by the minute—especially now that so many men are getting in on the action

Touch and Glow

Is the humble safflower the next big miracle worker in skin care? We go to Japan with a hope and a prayer

Dream On!

Is an eye-wateringly expensive mattress the fastest route to the most restorative sleep? The salespeople at Hästens would like a word with your wallet

Ultra Violet

As the fairy-tale life of Violet Grey founder Cassandra Grey enters its next chapter, her business goes back on the block

Non-Toxic Shock

Agent Nateur’s Jena Covello has become one of the Internet’s most vocal proponents of so-called clean beauty. But when she began spreading conspiracy theories, things got dirty

Glossier Unglossed

What gave Glossier its cool? One former employee reveals the stardust surrounding its founder on the eve of the Glossy bomb(dot-com)shell

You Don’t Know Bethenny

The RHONY star and margarita mogul has emerged as an outspoken beauty savant—and everyone is listening

Forever Young

Face-lift maestro Dr. Gerald Imber has been preaching the gospel of early intervention for decades. Now, thanks to TikTok, twentysomethings are actually listening

Missing the Marc

What ever happened to Marc Jacobs Beauty? The makeup line once loved by Emily Ratajkowski, Aubrey Plaza, and seemingly everyone on the Internet suddenly disappeared. Now maybe, just maybe, it’s coming back again …

All for One

It was sacred and profane and unlike anything that had come before it. CK One defined a generation and became a prophesy

Welcome to Fantasyland

With a ski slope, amusement park, and more than 350 shops, American Dream is the second-largest mall in America. It’s a little bit of a nightmare—and the key to understanding who we are now

Naked Ambition

Barbara Sturm is the jet-setting name behind one of the biggest skin-care success stories in recent history. But the road to the top has not always been smooth