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Chip and Charge

Things are looking down for Chips Channon in the second volume of his diaries, but the outspoken socialite is as unfiltered—and unhinged—as ever

The Beginning of the End

A Tall Order

Photographs by Joe Woolhead chronicle the demise of the World Trade Center and the building of the new one

Not So Normal People

The characters in Sally Rooney’s latest novel are worlds apart from the Deuxmoi-obsessed millennials to whom it’s catered. We’ll all read it anyway

The Eye of the Needle

Young dressmakers deported to Auschwitz turned a fashion salon into a hub of resistance

Disturbing the Universe

Working Girls

A former U.S. Army major general brings the untold stories of the women who changed the course of World War II to light

Short List

What to read this week, from a history of British musical theater to an account of the World Trade Center’s rebuilding and an inside look at the deep sea

Rough Riders

Murder, They Wrote

The Whitehead Way

The Way of the Jackal

Before Edward Fox made the Jackal a household character, Frederick Forsyth wrote the book. Fifty years on, The Day of the Jackal still thrills

The Roads Less Traveled

The Wonderful Wizard of Dyson

Eight questions with the inventor James Dyson, who has a new memoir, on electric cars and the thinking behind the $399 hair dryer

Family Feuds

The story of famed U.K. department store John Lewis rivals that of the Murdoch clan in its similarities with Succession

Inside Afghanistan

At the core of the current Afghanistan disaster is the West’s misunderstanding of a country and its people. These books offer a good place to start

The Art of Subtlety

To attract readers but stump libel lawyers, 20th-century magazine writers alluded to sordid gossip instead of printing it

A Hello to Arms

Ernest Hemingway: renowned novelist, bullfighting aficionado, and … Spanish guerrilla fighter?

Lost in Translation

The moment Japan opened its doors to the West, in the late 1800s, was the moment many of its traditions disappeared. A new volume brings them back

Queens of Hearts

Family Business

To write his second novel, Atticus Lish asked himself, “What hurts?”

The Itch Putin Can’t Scratch

If It Ain’t Woke, Fix It

Short List

What to read this week, from a history of a secret Nixon meeting to an exploration of French colonialism in Congo and a look back at Bernini’s Rome