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The Remains of the Day A former Country Life editor explores the complicated history and enduring grandeur of Britain’s stately homes

The Real Slim Aarons Kevin McClory, Mick Jagger, C. Z. Guest, and others feature in a collection of the photographer’s glamorous shots

Once a Comic-Book Fan, Always a Comic-Book Fan From Roy Thomas, who later succeeded Stan Lee, to George R. Martin, before he added the second R to his name, the fans stayed around

Staff Picks This week, don’t miss a charming introduction to classical music; the chilling account of an epic polar-rescue mission; and a history of the Appalachian Trail

September 29, 2021

Every Trick in the Book Inside the British-retirement-home mystery that knocked the new Sally Rooney off the No. 1 spot on the Sunday Times best-seller list after just one week

September 29, 2021

Storm Clouds Brewing Scientists first started sounding the alarm about climate change more than 100 years ago. No one was listening

September 29, 2021

The Yin and Yang of Peter Thiel The Silicon Valley venture capitalist has poured millions into far-right politicians with anti-big-tech agendas. He also happens to sit on Facebook’s board

Say Bonjour to France’s Most Elegant Castle Photos of the Château de Haroué celebrate life chez Beauvau-Craon, the family who has called Haroué home for 300 years

The Big Sleep

September 23, 2021

Great Minds … Both Albert Einstein and Marie Curie visited America during the Roaring 20s. It left a lasting impression

September 23, 2021

Hurts So Good Once he made it to the top, the rough-around-the-edges, all-American rock star John Mellencamp found out he was really on the bottom

North Korea as You’ve Never Seen It Stéphan Gladieu’s otherworldly photos take viewers where they’ve never been allowed to go—inside Pyongyang

A Pre–Mean Girls Burn Book The second in an unredacted three-part release of socialite Chips Channon’s diaries is as snobbish, spiteful, and addictive as the first

The Anderson Tapes The CNN anchor Anderson Cooper takes a candid look at the Vanderbilts, the historic American dynasty from which his mother, Gloria, hailed

Science Fiction A new book reveals the misogyny and fabrications behind the discovery of DNA, one of the most misunderstood whodunits in science history

September 15, 2021

Holding Court Hilary Mantel, author of the Thomas Cromwell trilogy and expert on all things royal, thinks the English monarchy will end with Prince William

September 15, 2021