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Adam Kirsch

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The View from Here

Blocking traffic. Throwing soup at the Mona Lisa. Lighting oneself on fire. Radical acts of protest are guaranteed to make headlines. But do they work?

The Question of Violence

Hamas’s October 7 attack has made a new biography of Frantz Fanon, the formidable and incendiary theorist of decolonization, all too timely

A “Russian Proust”?

People Who Don’t Need People

A growing number of transhumanists and radical environmentalists believe our days as a species are numbered. And they feel fine

Broken Images

T. S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” is the rare modernist masterpiece that still feels modern

Never Again

With his latest epic historical documentary, Ken Burns enters a very contemporary debate

Kids Those Days

Kindred Spirits

Cosmic Chaos

Isaac Asimov’s epic Foundation series comes to Apple TV+

Stories We Tell

The most erudite man in Italy, Roberto Calasso lived for literature—and re-invented it

The Anti-Intellectual

Is Unorthodox Inauthentic?

A dissenting take on the popular Netflix mini-series, one among a growing genre of escape-from-Judaism stories

Vive Maigret!

The complete adventures of Georges Simenon’s beloved inspector are now available in one stylish set