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Haute Damn!

The latest trend in French design? Ceramics, pottery, and home accessories decorated with colorful language

A Night to Remember with Salman Rushdie

Gay Talese, Lisa Taddeo, Marlon James, Tony Danza, and others gathered at the Waverly Inn for a rousing book party in celebration of the writer’s new memoir

Isabella Bowie

With her shoe company, Izie, the young designer has her sights set on reviving the high heel

From Radical to Dame and Back Again

The photographer Ki Price’s portraits of Vivienne Westwood pay homage to Britain’s punk poster child turned couture designer in celebration of her birthday

Owen Mears and Emily Cameron

With Ffern, a small-batch natural-perfume line, the English siblings are reviving organic fragrances

Star, Spangled

Thanks to Dita Von Teese, who is now in residency at the Jubilee Theater in Las Vegas, the art of the striptease remains alive and well

Viva Biba!

Twiggy! Bardot! Pet food? A new exhibition in London pays tribute to Biba, the brand that made everything it touched fabulous—from silk sheets to baked beans

Mixed Bag

Phoebe Philo’s new brand was expected to be the hottest thing in fashion. So why has the enthusiasm cooled?

Rule of Three

Have the Bidens ruined aviator sunglasses for the rest of us? How to avoid looking like a rent boy on the runway! And more, in our column on how to live …

The Swan Who Was Spared

The real reason Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, Truman Capote’s guest of honor at the Black and White Ball, was the only “swan” he didn’t betray

Clio Peppiatt

The London-based designer’s embroidered clothes and beaded bags have been snatched up by Julia Fox and Taylor Swift

Belles of le Bal

Le Bal des Débutantes, in Paris, is a coming-out party to rival them all. The photographer who has documented it for 25-plus years takes stock of how a glamorous, unusual ritual has adapted to the times

Immortal Beauties

What does it really take to become a fashion icon? The society queens of Feud: Capote vs. the Swans provide a few clues

Circus Act

At the couture collections in Paris, the dazzling runway shows were met with even more frenzied activity on the streets

Waiting for Jolie

With her new downtown boutique, Angelina Jolie may have created the most sustainable clothing store ever—by making it virtually impossible to shop there

The Prince of Parties

The Russian émigré Prince Serge Obolensky bestrode New York’s nightlife like a colossus

Better by Design

Nina Campbell, the legendary British interior designer, shares her decorating tips, from the importance of lampshades to tricks for mixing patterns

Our Interiors Gift Guide Is Here!

Missy Robbins’s home-cooking essentials, Laila Gohar’s dinner-party tips, the antiquers’ guide to Europe, and more!

Inside Casa Cruz

Only the décor is loud at New York’s latest overpriced and occasionally underpopulated members’ club

Lilli Elias

With her homeware brand, Autumn Sonata, the 28-year-old is using her archival-studies degree to turn antique prints into new textiles

Carly Mark

How the designer quickly took over the fashion world with her irreverent brand, Puppets and Puppets

Our Kids’ Gift Guide Is Here!

Restaurateur Ryan Hardy, children’s connoisseur John Brodie, illustrator Joana Avillez, and others help you find the best gifts for kids of all ages

Our Women’s Gift Guide Is Here!

Lauren Hutton, Ina Garten, Kaitlin Phillips, Alexandra Shulman, and others help you find the best gifts for the woman who has everything

Carry On!

Globe-Trotter loyalists are their own breed. A trip to the factory, in the English countryside, explains why