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Nicholas Foulkes

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First Place for Seconds

The Louis Vuitton Watch Prize celebrates dazzling innovations in watchmaking, as well as the irresistible rise of Jean Arnault

How Billionaires Tell Time

Richard Mille watches have long been exclusive and expensive, but they’ve recently been attracting the attention of the richest of the rich

Time Served

F. P. Journe is a watchmaking phenomenon, but his new restaurant in Geneva is helping him become a lifestyle brand

Neo Is the One

Millennials are crazy about “neo-vintage” watches, which re-create the overlooked styles of the 80s and provide rare value too

The Seven Watches of Man

Find the perfect timepiece for your stage in life, according to Shakespeare’s seven ages of man

Turn Back Time

The colorful, throwaway timepiece of the 1980s—the Swatch—is back and in high demand

Rolex Rewinds

The king of watches is moving forward by embracing emojis, titanium, and its own storied past

Kings of Time

The watches of Philippe Dufour and François-Paul Journe are being praised across the world, selling for millions at auction, and inspiring a whole new generation of independent watchmakers

Time Out of Mind

From the Met Gala in New York to the factories in Switzerland, AIR MAIL’s horological expert believes that the sum of all human achievement can be found in watches

In Good Time

Our globe-trotting watch aficionado investigates an unbridled demand for Cartier’s classic Tank and other trophy timepieces

In Good Time

From Ryan Gosling to race-car-inspired limited editions, our new resident watch expert pulls back the curtain on the chronometer industry’s sexiest scoop

Hang Loose

A smart collection of men’s suiting celebrates the art of the drape

Son Rise

As the newly minted C.E.O. of Tag Heuer, Frédéric Arnault is the latest scion to watch