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Lili Anolik

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Sexagenarian and the City

Candace Bushnell re-invents her invented self

Call Me!

American Gigolo swaggered into theaters 40 years ago this month and forever rocked the worlds of film, fashion, music, and sex. An oral history

The Movie Star’s Movie Star

A new podcast evokes the advent of the Valley’s adult-film stars and the awe they earned from their Hollywood equivalents

All About Eve with Strippers?

A Q&A about T&A. How Showgirls, one of Hollywood’s raunchiest movies, came to be

It’s Britney, B*tch

A slutty-uniform-wearing Britney Spears sealed her fate as the Princess of Pop at just 16. All these years later, we’re still in her thrall

Super Star Power

More than half a century after Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol hooked up, their mystique endures. Now Edie’s sister Alice is making sense of it all