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Jill Kargman

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The $2 Million Makeover

Fast cars and sexy girlfriends are so last season. Now the new midlife crisis is all about hormone infusions, nutrigenomics, and intermittent fasting

Child’s Play

For the past 25 years, South Park has been an equal-opportunity offender. One writer can’t get enough

My Favorite Things

Author, TV personality, and society satirist Jill Kargman, who is on this year’s International Best-Dressed List, is arguably as notable for her off-color wit as she is for her standout style. Here, she spotlights the items she counts on night and day

Who’s That Girl?

After a short-lived romance, Kanye West immediately moved on from Julia Fox. We can’t say the same for our writer

Pedaling Bad Behavior

SoulCycle was always cultish. Now instructors are accused of having sex with clients, racism, and more

The Nature Hater’s Guide to Safari

Rickety old airplanes, disease-carrying flies, manic wildlife—how will a city slicker survive in Africa’s toniest camps?