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Jamie Kitman

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Stingray of Sunshine Chevrolet breathes new life into their Corvette franchise, proving that American car-makers aren’t out of the fight

Singing the Porsche Electric The German car-maker has struck the golden ratio with their arrestingly handsome, impressively fast, and attainably priced Taycan 4S

All Roads Lead to Rome As automakers around the world conform, Italy continues to turn out cars with flair and character

On the Prowl In a bid to win the car world’s sustainability war, Jaguar has created a battery-electric car with a soul

The Road Less Traveled For adventurous drivers, lockdown has been a boon. For the car industry as we know it, it’s been all but a death warrant

Size Matters Just when our cities really need them, small cars are disappearing

Drive into the Future Polestar 1, a high-end, limited-edition electric Volvo coupe, is the genuine Swedish article—underwritten by Chinese money

The Off-Road Ahead Authenticity doesn’t get more authentic than the venerable Land Rover Defender, now (finally) updated to the point of James Bond–worthiness

Steve McQueen Would Approve The 2020 Bullitt is aggressive yet somehow subtle, an understated example of automotive overstatement