The Jaguar I-Pace, the first battery-electric European luxury car ever to hit these shores when it touched down, in late 2018, comes with a lot of awards to its credit. Europe’s Car of the Year. World Car of the Year. World Car Design of the Year. World Green Car. Plus German, Norwegian, and U.K. Car of the Year, BBC Top Gear magazine’s E.V. of the Year, and China’s Green Car of the Year, to name a few more. But don’t blame yourself if you’ve never heard of the I-Pace—you aren’t alone.

You could call it a crossover or an S.U.V., because of the jacked-up wagon configuration, capacious cargo hold, and all-wheel drive. But you’d also want to note that unlike many so-called sport-utility vehicles, it’s not particularly high-riding. Despite a longer than average wheelbase, it’s not too long, either, just spacious on the inside thanks to a wheels-at-the-corners, hatchback design.