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Elizabeth Woodward

The documentary filmmaker, whose latest project was short-listed for an Academy Award, on the importance of privacy in our data-crazed world

Elle Accuse!

Protesters vow to disrupt France’s Oscars after Polanski is nominated for his Dreyfus film


Coming off A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper will portray Leonard Bernstein in a Spielberg-and-Scorsese-backed production

Cinema Paradiso

In her debut movie, Gianni Agnelli’s granddaughter tells the story of an eccentric family in early 1990s Italy

The Godfather of Comedy

After The Death of Stalin and Veep, Armando Iannucci brings a new comedy to HBO, and a new David Copperfield to the screen

All Fact-Checked on the Western Front

How much in Sam Mendes’s film 1917 is actually true?

France’s New Victor Hugo

The country’s Oscar entry takes on class and race in the streets of Paris