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France’s New Victor Hugo The country’s Oscar entry takes on class and race in the streets of Paris

The Godfather of Comedy After The Death of Stalin and Veep, Armando Iannucci brings a new comedy to HBO, and a new David Copperfield to the screen

Cinema Paradiso In her debut movie, Gianni Agnelli’s granddaughter tells the story of an eccentric family in early 1990s Italy

Elle Accuse! Protesters vow to disrupt France’s Oscars after Polanski is nominated for his Dreyfus film

Smokin’! Coming off A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper will portray Leonard Bernstein in a Spielberg-and-Scorsese-backed production

Elizabeth Woodward The documentary filmmaker, whose latest project was short-listed for an Academy Award, on the importance of privacy in our data-crazed world

Call Me! American Gigolo swaggered into theaters 40 years ago this month and forever rocked the worlds of film, fashion, music, and sex. An oral history

La Dolce Vitae Federico Fellini began recording his dreams around the time he was working on La Dolce Vita. On the centenary of his birth, diary sketches illustrate the filmmaker at his most personal

The Picture of Greed Michael Winterbottom’s new film is an unsparing portrait of a ruthless fast-fashion billionaire

Josh O’Connor Between seasons of The Crown, on which he plays Charles, the actor stars in Emma, in theaters now

Suicide Watch Caroline Flack, the engaging former host of Love Island, is the third person from the show to kill herself. Beneath the Botox and bikinis lie some dark secrets

Disney’s Real Wizard In his 15 years running the company, Bob Iger brought many prizes into the fold: Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Marvel. One of his other brilliant moves was bringing in Alan Horn

Too Close for Comfort In HBO’s The Plot Against America, from the Philip Roth novel, the present-day parallels are profoundly disturbing

Lexi Underwood The 16-year-old Little Fires Everywhere actress isn’t like the other girls

Return of the Puppet Masters Satire reborn: Spitting Image will be back. Stars, politicians, and royals beware

Back to the Drawing Room Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes on why his new period drama, Belgravia, is darker than its predecessor

Rub Your Tummy, Mr. Blofeld? Is Daniel Craig the world’s oldest rent boy, or just promoting the new (and rescheduled) James Bond?

Screen Time The shows to watch in the coming weeks, from a rejuvenated take on Project Runway to an L.A. detective series

March 24, 2020

Nu in Town Eli Rosen, Hollywood’s Yiddish consultant, on the set of Unorthodox in Berlin

Drawn and Quartered On the 40th anniversary of Yes Minister, the wickedly great caricaturist looks back on the creation of those iconic opening credits

All Hail Tiger King! It’s the strangest, weirdest documentary in ages—and in this strange, weird moment gives us what we crave: fun

March 31, 2020

Can Normal People Make It on TV? Fans worship Sally Rooney as the voice of a generation. But will her best-seller translate to TV?

A Vlog to Remember Anne Frank’s diary is retold as a YouTube video about a teenager in hiding from the Nazis