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Meeting the Alien In which the author is thrilled when he hears director Tim Burton wants him for a big part in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Sour Grapes John Steinbeck’s biographer reveals the story of a friendship gone wrong when Joseph Campbell fell for Steinbeck’s wife Carol

October 20, 2020

Divorcing, Revisited Susan Taubes’s semi-autobiographical novel was published in 1969 to little acclaim. Its reissuing offers a chance to discover the cutting, long-forgotten gem

October 20, 2020

Good Sport Go for the game, stay for the crumpets: a new book surveys the storied, bucolic world of cricket

October 19, 2020

Hollywood Heartbreak In which the star of My Best Friend’s Wedding forgets a dinner with Joan Collins and loses a “giant” role, all while trying to revive his career

Dark Words Why did Eleanor Roosevelt stand by the offensive term she used in her long-celebrated autobiography?

Bruce Wagner’s Woke Universe After his publisher balked at his use of a certain word, Hollywood’s master of satire posts his new novel online for free

One for the Books Heywood Hill, among the world’s most revered bookshops, is launching a somewhat unique literary prize

Bringing Up Cary The actor’s early years—he was born Archie Leach in Bristol, U.K.—stayed with him long after he became Cary Grant

Jane After Jann 25 years after the split of Jane and Jann Wenner, a close friend reflects on Jane’s stoic second act

October 6, 2020

The Home Front To guide her through some of the world’s most dangerous places, the veteran war correspondent drew from a lifetime of her mom’s advice

October 6, 2020

Where Have All the Thinkers Gone? Editors at Bloomberg and The Economist make the case for a 21st-century Hobbes to solve our coronavirus woes

Squaring the Circle A photographer chronicles the curious phenomenon of crop circles and the dreamers they attract

In Search of Lost Morals Transactionalism has been a part of our politics since our founding. And, even during World War, it’s coexisted with decency. Not anymore

September 29, 2020