The Daughters of Yalta: The Churchills, Roosevelts, and Harrimans—A Story of Love and War by Catherine Grace Katz

On February 4, 1945, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin met for their final summit of World War II, the Yalta Conference. Among other key players of the day who accompanied the leaders was Averell Harriman, U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union. Also in tow were three young women, each attending with a single brief: daughter. Anna Roosevelt Boettiger, 38, Kathleen Harriman, 27, and Sarah Churchill, 30, served as companions, hostesses, confidantes, and gatekeepers for their fathers.

Luckily, they also had time to write letters and diaries that give us their chatty, opinionated, off-the-record accounts of the proceedings. With these and many other sources, author Catherine Grace Katz skillfully guides us through the preparations, meetings, and aftermath of those eight days by the Black Sea.