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Polly Vernon

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The Boss of Ted Lasso

Hannah Waddingham has found stardom and an Emmy as the accidental owner of A.F.C. Richmond

The Golden Tooch

Apart from being a beloved actor, Stanley Tucci has seen his lockdown-cocktail videos go viral, his Italian-food show snag an Emmy over Oprah’s Harry and Meghan interview, and his recent memoir draw rave reviews

One Part Instinct, Two Parts Grit

Sharon Stone discusses sexism in Hollywood, the plastic surgery she didn’t agree to, and a near fistfight with Basic Instinct co-star Michael Douglas


What happens when social distancing gives way to the return of social commitments?

Celluloid Zeros

Has the coronavirus undermined our obsession with celebrity?

Why Are We Still Loving Friends?

It’s the most streamed show on Netflix. Teenagers quote its jokes—even though it is 25 years old. So what explains its appeal?