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Jonathan Margolis

Jonathan Margolis is the technology columnist for AIR MAIL. Before that, he wrote about technology for The Financial Times. Margolis lives in London.

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Landing Gear Gallery-grade hardware for your NFTs; at-home exercise that’s effective and attractive; next-level, impenetrable Wi-Fi; and more

Landing Gear The fountain of youth in laser-pen format; a discreet camera challenging smartphone photography’s dominance; robotic pets finally worth the hype; and more

Landing Gear Uncanny facial-recognition A.I. for plants; a godsent gadget to aid sore muscles; iPad Air’s fifth, heart-melting generation; and more

Landing Gear An inspired new smartphone with writers in mind; a breath of fresh air from Norway; beauty and the Beast for audiophiles; and more

Landing Gear Virtual reality undergoes a transformative upgrade; a laser measurer that’s truly spot-on; old 35-mm. projector slides get a second chance; and more

Landing Gear A pocket translator to help you speak for yourself; earbuds that encourage, rather than encumber, sleep; a charging cable that knows how to adapt; and more

Landing Gear A smart-looking smartwatch; the razor giving new life to a stalwart of the shaving industry; headphones that make listening to music feel like a vice; and more

Landing Gear A new old way to see, and photograph, the world; the speakers giving Meta a good name; the device that senses when there’s trouble in the air; and more

Landing Gear An electrified spoon to supercharge, not fry, your taste buds; an e-reader update worth writing home about; a window of opportunity for the videoconferencing elite; and more

Landing Gear A colorful keyboard that makes typing a treat; the perfect app for 8-mm. cinephiles of any age; Hollywood’s new lord of the rings; and more

Landing Gear A screen-free device that keeps kids engaged; Kanye West’s uncanny music-making gizmo; a seasoned app for plant-based diners; and more

Landing Gear Zen is the head that wears this crown; videoconferencing hardware with Hollywood ambitions; a wildlife-observation device for the birds; and more

Landing Gear A sleek e-bike that’s a dream to drive; noise-canceling headphones backed by 15 years and $50 million worth of research; a “dumbphone” smarter than the rest; and more

Landing Gear An otherworldly speaker with style; a tracking device for the most forgetful and far-flung among us; Lego’s inspired retro-camper set; and more

Landing Gear A magical, musical box of tricks from Sweden; a new videoconferencing service making remote meetings a treat; a sleek espresso machine spawning legions of at-home baristas; and more

Landing Gear A home sound system that—finally!—balances good design with performance; a military-grade smartphone; game-changing earphones with a sensible price tag; and more

Landing Gear Discover a retro-inspired camera that looks as good as it works; the otherworldly training device top Olympians swear by; a battery pack tailor-made for travelers; and more

Landing Gear Our new, intrepid tech columnist offers his singular take on three favorite products—and the world’s most transporting app

Mission Control Elon Musk is plotting to launch 42,000 satellites. Why?

To Infinity … and Beyond! A mystery man recently buzzed LAX with his jet pack. But for the rest of us, the future of post-pandemic flight is still on hold

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