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Murdaugh Murders

Journalist Mandy Matney has been following attorney Alex Murdaugh and his powerful family since 2019, when the heir apparent to the South Carolina dynasty, Paul, was involved in a fatal boating accident that killed a 19-year-old woman. Two years later, Paul and his mother, Maggie, were murdered. Murdaugh wasn’t even considered a suspect at first, having tampered with evidence and hindering the original investigation. But everything changed when Murdaugh then tried to stage his own murder, allegedly so that his remaining son would get the life-insurance payout. The “assisted suicide” plan got botched, Murdaugh survived, and all eyes turned to him in the investigation. He has since been charged in the double homicide, and he has been on the stand the last two days. Matney finds new, circumstantial evidence in her addictive account of the Murdaugh family’s involvement in insurance fraud, drugs, and murder. Murdaugh Murders is a true-crime saga like no other. ( —Clara Molot


Bar Cecil

As the owners of two hugely popular Palm Springs boutique hotels, Sparrows Lodge and Holiday House, entrepreneurs Jeff Brock and Richard Crisman had little left to prove. But that didn’t stop them from buying, renovating, and opening a new spot in the middle of the pandemic. Inspired by the aesthetic of rebel photographer and costume designer Cecil Beaton, the new restaurant quickly became a Palm Springs essential. With high vaulted ceilings, vibrantly colored interiors, and a lush outdoor terrace, Bar Cecil is warm, inviting, and original all at once. The food is comforting and perfectly executed (think precisely medium-rare burgers and creamy cacio e pepe pasta), earning the venue a coveted spot in the Michelin Guide. ( —Bridget Arsenault



It’s too bad that one’s first experience with scissors is usually a plastic-handled, rounded-tip affair handed out by a pre-school teacher. Using artisanally made shears—whether they’re designed for crafting, sewing, or working in the kitchen or garden—can be a highly satisfying, even aesthetic experience. Our new resource for such things is Ciselier, a Canadian e-commerce operation founded by journalists (and spouses) Maggie Fox and David Thomas. The couple began pursuing their passion for the disappearing art of scissor-making during the pandemic, and they have discovered some rather incredible heritage manufacturers in Italy, England, Germany, and beyond. Next time you’re a house- or dinner guest, eschew the candle in favor of Robuso 7” Klassiches Papier. A return invitation is guaranteed. ($110, —Ashley Baker


Little Saints

Maybe you crushed dry January and want to continue feeling virtuous, or maybe 2023 is crushing you. Either way, taking a break or moderating your alcohol consumption is always a good idea. Non-alcoholic options seem to be everywhere right now, but most are loaded with sugar. Frankly, the calories just aren’t worth it if you’re not going to benefit from a little light-headedness. Enter Little Saints. These delightful mocktails come in Negroni Spritz, Spicy Margarita, Paloma, and Ginger Mule. Plus, a mix of CBD, botanical terpenes, and reishi-mushroom extract definitely scratches the itch. That it’s sugar-free and has only five calories should be all you need to hear to give it a try. Have it over ice and you might not even miss the hard stuff. ($66 for a variety pack, —Anjali Lewis


Bottega Veneta

Not everyone likes sardines on a salad. But can anyone really resist this fishy bag from Bottega Veneta? Called—that’s right—the Sardine, its gold-tone top handle is designer Matthieu Blazy’s subtle homage to the sea. Handwoven in Italy in the house’s intrecciato leather, its open top ensures easy access to a phone, paperback, American Express Centurion card, whatever. Consider it to be the Spring ’23 It Bag on the finer terraces of the Hôtel du Cap, La Posta Vecchia, and Le Sirenuse. And if Bottega Veneta’s previous performance is any indication, it will likely sell out within seconds. Now is your moment … And while we’re charmed by this springy shade of khaki-tinged green, it also comes in black, chocolate brown, and white for those who prefer the city to the seaside. ($4,200; —Ashley Baker


La Compagnie

Boutique French airline La Compagnie is poised to do the impossible—make flying out of Newark glamorous. The airline, which flies exclusively from New York to Paris, Nice, and Milan, offers an entirely business-class experience—and at a surprisingly reasonable rate. And unlike business class at the major airlines, you won’t be eating bone-dry chicken while watching The Bourne Identity for the thousandth time. Tucked into one of La Compagnie’s 76 lie-flat seats, passengers can watch the latest in independent French cinema while enjoying a four-course, gourmet menu designed by the Michelin-star-awarded chef Franco Sampogna—and don’t forget a glass of wine from the airline’s collection, curated specifically by wine critics Bettane & Desseauve to pair with each menu option. (Yes, French culinary rules apply while in the air.) Traveling with several wardrobes’ worth of clothes for Fashion Week? Each of La Compagnie’s destination airports has an exclusive lounge where passengers can stow their luggage and enjoy refreshments while waiting for their flight. (Starting at $980 from New York to Milan, —Paulina Prosnitz

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February 25, 2023
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Issue No. 189
February 25, 2023