In tiny Hampton County—population less than 20,000—coronavirus-related deaths are still outstripping Murdaugh-related deaths, but not by all that much. And the bizarre, tragic, altogether baffling incidents surrounding this prominent, powerful South Carolina family show no sign of letting up. Whatever the explanation, or explanations, Murdaughs and their associates continue to fall like dominoes.

Last Saturday, Richard Alexander “Alex” Murdaugh, 53, a lawyer whose wife and one of two sons were killed in June—the crime is still unsolved—was shot in the head while changing a flat tire on his Mercedes-Benz along a rural Hampton County road. The wound was superficial—after having been shot, by someone in a truck, Murdaugh said, he called 911 for help. In any event, this latest development was almost immediately eclipsed by another: news that the day before his roadside contretemps, Murdaugh had suddenly resigned from PMPED (Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth, Detrick), the law firm started by his great-grandfather. And that he was under investigation for allegedly having misappropriated more than a million dollars from the firm. Oh, and that he was going into rehab.