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Hugo Rifkind

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We’ll Always Have Paris

In Paris Hilton’s new memoir, the socialite seems disingenuous and her ghostwriter’s touch is too obvious. And yet, we’re still captivated

Rebels with a Cause

In Gutsy, a new TV docuseries, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton traverse the globe in search of inspirational and high-achieving women, but if their tedious banter is any indication, they barely know one another

Oligarch Helpline

Yachts being scuttled, accounts being frozen, sniggers at Sexy Fish. Russian autocrats are people, too. And right now, they need assistance

Off the Mark

Going Green

No, not that kind of green! A week in the life of an envious (and totally inadequate) social distancer*

Exposing Bush’s Lies about C.I.A. Torture

Daniel Jones—played by Adam Driver in The Report—is still haunted by what he learned